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Garri Holness reads his poem click here

"How could you ever know?"

at 14th commemoration day of

London terrorist attacks in 2005




7/7 London Bombings & Beyond

Garri Holness

WITH June-Elleni Laine




I know I’ve lost my leg but listen, if I close my eyes I need you to slap me, I can’t die here!



In the aftermath of Paris and ten years on from the Bombings that rocked London, SURVIVING reveals a heart-wrenching and remarkable life story of triumph over adversity in an explicit, edgy, filmic-style autobiography that makes for a compelling read.


Garri Holness, The Motivational Coach, who walks with a foot in 2 Worlds Garri was a successful Accounts Executive in London for over 20 years. He was blown up in the 7/7 London Bombings in 2005. After a foot amputation and re-learning to walk on a prosthetic limb, he was faced with even more trauma, which inspired him to change his life. He is now a Motivational Speaker and Mentor. He guides people to think positively despite adversity, and his life is a testament to the fact that he knows how to walk the talk.

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